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Northern Ireland Airtightness

1 - Technical booklets from Government: Part F1 (Dwellings) and Part F2 (Buildings other than Dwellings)

"Building Tight
" - Airtightness Testing

1 - “Improving Airtightness in Dwellings” by The Energy Saving Trust.

A very useful document on the general theory of insulation continuity and airtightness in dwellings can be found on the Government's Planning Portal website together with Accredited Construction Detail drawings (ACD's).  These have been issued for use in England and Wales under Part L of their Building Regulations (Part F here) but are of equal benefit to the Northern Irish Designer, Builder or Building Control body.

Preparation for an Airtightness Test.

On-site requirements for:

Airtightness Testing Video

Rainwater Harvesting

Siphonic Rainwater Drainage
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