Siphonic Drainage Rainwater System

Anderson Mechanical Services are Ireland’s official partners of Terrain HydroMax™ Siphonic Drainage. We design and install the revolutionary system as part of our overall mechanical package.

Designed to rapidly remove the high volumes of water deposited in extreme rainfall events from the roof areas of today’s increasingly larger buildings, the Terrain Hydromax™ siphonic drainage system offers a complete and proven solution.

With ten times the flow capacity of a conventional gravity system and significantly faster water removal rates, Terrain Hydromax™ “sucks” excess water from a roof to cope with downpours that would overwhelm a gravity system and is ideal for complex roof shapes.

Offering valuable total project cost savings of typically 20-45% over a conventional system, Terrain Hydromax™ can be factory prefabricated and gives important structural and space savings, with a reduced build programme.

Terrain Hydromax™ has a comprehensive range of roof drains for every flat and pitched roof membrane, from asphalt to bitumen to lead.

Ideal for commercial, industrial, sports, leisure, education and healthcare buildings, the roof drains are extremely compact and the range includes an inlet for the top deck of multi-storey car parks.