Thermal Imaging

Anderson Mechanical offers thermal imaging of building fabric to identify where air leaks in or out of buildings and show thermal insulation defects. Its main benefits are:

  • quick, non-disruptive inspection
  • results easily shown in pictures
  • resolve arguments with sub contractors as to where faults are
  • can be used to show the effectiveness of heating and cooling installations

The thermal image, which is effectively a picture of thousands of surface temperature measurements, makes it easy to see where insulation is missing or air is leaking in or out of a building.

Any object that is not generating or absorbing heat will tend towards the surrounding air temperature, so cold air leaking into a building will show as cold patches on the wall, floor or ceiling. Conversely, warm air leaking from a building will cause warm patches on the outside wall or roof. Thermographic testing alone can be used as a quick method of finding air leaks in a building structure, and can be used alongside airtightness testing which will quantify the leaks.

Thermal Imaging throughout Ireland - Anderson Mechanical Services Thermal Imaging of Buildings in Ireland - Anderson Mechanical Services
Anderson Mechanical offers thermal imaging of buildings throughout Ireland Thermal Imaging - Anderson Mechanical Services


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